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With Blissful Art Photography be assured that with each session you will receive my full undivided attention. Together, we will create beautiful and real images you and your family will cherish forever. You will first you need to decide whether you would like to photograph on location or in my home studio. Typically I prefer newborns in the studio and family shots on location.  I have a small in home studio perfect for babies and toddlers only. The best lighting for outdoor shots is either overcast skies or sunset.

Session Prices


Engagement Session- ($350) This session includes 2 people and will last approx 1.5-2.5 hours. I will be getting lots of unique and romantic shots as well as silly and fun! I will capture your personality and together, we will create a beautiful session!  Price includes CD or $75 towards portrait package.

Maternity Session- ($350)
Session includes momma to be, husband and children if you would like. I will be happy to do on location shots with larger families or in my studio. Please allow 1-2 hours of photographing and 1-2 outfit changes. My studio is small and will only fit 2-3 people- sorry, no large families in the studio. Price includes CD or $75 towards portrait package. 

Infant Session- ($400)
This session includes 1 infant and parents if desired. The session will last approx 1.5-4 hours (because of feedings and diaper changes). If you would like some images with sibling , please allow an extra 30 minutes and PLEASE bring them towards the end of the session. Price includes CD or $75 towards portrait package.

1 year Cake Smash Session- ($200)  This session includes 1 year baby to be and momma (if she wants a couple shots with baby). Price includes Cake, Balloons and outfit is provided if needed. CD is included or $75 towards portrait package.

Child Session- ($150)
This session includes 1 child only and will be approximately 1-1.5 hours in length. Perfect for 3 month, 6 month and 9 month old pictures!  Price includes CD or $75 towards portrait package.

Senior Session ($200)  This session includes 1 senior at one location for approx 2 hours. 1 outfit change and several different spots at the location included. Price includes CD or $75 towards portrait package.

Family Session- ($450)
This session includes up to 6 family members and will last approx 1.5-2.5 hours. I will be getting individual shots of parents and each child as well as family, sibling and couple shots.  Price includes CD or $75 towards portrait package.

Baby love package- ($600) ($50 in savings!) I know you love your baby…even before he/she arrives! Let me capture this beautiful time before baby comes and right after he/she is born! This package includes maternity session and infant session. Price includes CD or $75 towards portrait package.

Grow with me Package- ($950) ($125 SAVINGS!)
Package includes infant session, 3 month photo shoot, 6 month photo shoot and 1 year cake smash photo shoot.  Price includes CD or $75 towards portrait package with each session. 

Wedding Packages- (Pricing Differs) Please email me details ( location, date, hours needed and style) of the wedding and I will get back to you shortly with pricing!


Portrait Packages

Package A ($125)

Package B ($200)
1- 11X14
CD- with approx 20 edited images

Package C ($275)
CD- with approx 20 edited images

Package C (Price differs)
Customize your own package! (Minimum $150)

A la cart prints

20×30- $75
16X20- $45
11×14- $25
(8) wallets- $12
Other sizes and options available! Please see me for more details!

A non-refundable $75 fee is due at the time of your booking and the remaining is due when the session starts.

Booking a session
I am pretty flexible with times and days. Whenever your family is happiest is best for me! For location shots I do like to shoot in the evenings about 90 min before the sun goes down.

The cut off date for getting pictures in time for the holidays is November 15th.

For Maternity: Please bring several outfits so we can decide what will look best. Simple, flowing, light colored dresses and long shirts are best. Please feel free to bring any knick knacks for baby, about baby, or to baby with you!

For newborns: please email or call in advance so I can tentatively schedule you for the general time you will be having your baby. Please call right when you have your baby and I can get you in before he/she is 10 days old. (That is the BEST time to photograph newborns unless they have been in the NICU).  I typically do newborns naked or with minimal clothing. I have a lot of blankets, wraps, hats and bows for them as well. But feel free to bring any additional items.  PLEASE BRING NEWBORNS IN DIAPER ONLY AND JUST FED! A warm bath right before you come might help too. Please try and keep them awake a couple hours before the photo shoot to assure they are sleepy when they arrive!

Clothing recommendations and accessories: Please bring SEVERAL outfits for each person. Layering your clothing always adds texture and more life to pictures. For example, tee shirts with corduroy jackets or sweaters etc. Accessories like hats, scarfs, ties, belts, shoes and blankets with any texture is great!  Also if your child is into any activities like, snowboarding, skateboarding, guitar etc, feel free to bring those as well.

I usually get people in within 2 weeks so please schedule your appointment accordingly.  I look forward to meeting you and your family and capturing your memories that will last a lifetime!


Heather Widdison
(970) 690-9822

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